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User-obsessed, readaholic and a sociologist after all — Senior User Researcher @Hotjar, Editor of @thepmlibrary and Educator.
‘What Can a Body Do?’ book cover

he reason why Herman Miller chairs are so famous it’s simply because they are comfortable. What is not that well-known though, is that this is so because they were designed with a very specific user and their problems in mind: old people and backaches. That’s probably one of my favorite approaches to design: look into extreme cases to serve mainstream problems in a way otherwise would be even difficult to imagine. …

“Product Research Rules” book cover

very day more and more people want and need to run research on their own, and they’re not necessarily researchers themselves or have enough experience to feel confident. If that somehow defines you, don’t panic, it’s more normal than you might think. So far I’ve also struggled in recommending the ‘perfect’ book for this specific case as normally research books are written for researchers. Finally, we’ve found the exception we all needed here!

This book structure is simple but effective: 9 rules you need to follow when doing product research to keep up the good work. Leveraging the best-practices…

“It’s our research” book cover

n this new professional adventure, I’m facing one of the most challenging yet exciting tasks to complete: creating a user research team. There’s no right way of doing so and that’s why I think is tantamount to understand the different approaches from a wide range of professionals. I started a while back with the book Building User Research Teams and this was another attempt to complete a unique way, mine, in how to succeed in a product research team.

The subtitle ‘Getting Stakeholders Buy-in for User Experience Research Projects’ is not exhaustive enough to cover the whole spectrum of…

‘When Coffee & Kale Compete’ book cover

nother one on jobs-to-be-done (JTBD). I think that when you’re learning about a topic, it’s worth spending some time to explore different approaches and authors so I end up reading a couple of books about the same. This helps in consolidating core knowledge while contrasting the particularities of each author, especially for complex and/or subjective themes such as this one… and in case you’re wondering: no, I didn’t buy the kale for taking the picture, luckily it was already in the fridge!

This book is a great introduction to JTBD, however, it falls short on providing actionable steps to…

‘The Jobs To Be Done Playbook’ book cover

he first time I heard about the notion of jobs-to-be-done it blew my mind (opposite to my cat, apparently bored by it): your customers aren’t looking for your product, but for a solution to their problems! Think of the classical example, a driller. You don’t want to make a hole in your wall, you just want to hang your holidays’ picture. People research and compare among different options to get their thing done, regardless of the industry, features, or what have you that is or isn’t in your product. …

n full honesty, it’s been a while since I don’t read such a good book about the current state of design and how we got here. It can fairly be considered the successor of the classic ’The Design of Everyday Things’ without exaggerating. It’s been an absolute pleasure (and a great learning journey!) to go through this guy. Plus, even though I’m not a hardcover fan, I have to admit the relief on the cover touches it with a fantastic appearance.

‘User Friendly: How the hidden rules of design are changing the way we live, work, and play’ is…

‘Outliers’ book cover

When you read Malcolm Gladwell, you’re not just learning A LOT around a topic: you’re learning also how to express your thoughts. Actually, I’ve recently started watching his masterclass and he’s impressive. This is the second book I read from him and my vision of what means to be ‘gifted’ has radically changed. I can’t wait to read all of his books!

‘Outliers: The Story of Success’ is all about understanding why some individuals are incredibly brilliant at what they’re doing while others don’t. Gladwell elegantly demystifies the idea of being naturally gifted as the only way to stand out…

‘The Pomodoro Technique’ book cover

I remember some peers using Pomodoros (the Italian word for tomato) for coding in the past, but that was the only contact I’ve had with such a technique. I didn’t expect much more from the book to be honest. It’s roughly 150 pages thin, small and the idea seems so simple: work for 25 mins with no distractions and rest for 5. However, I also learned how to apply it to teams, keep track, and improve productivity thanks to this book. I’m actually in a Pomodoro while writing this review!

Francesco Cirillo is the creator of this technique. In his…

Business Model Generation book cover

This is the ‘Designing The Value Proposition’ old brother, the zoom out where all ideas should rely on in order to progress sustainably (business-wise). Same format and appearance but you can recognize a less disruptive content format yet. Quality is undoubtedly there though… I can’t believe more than 10 years have passed since this was written, it aged so well!

Generating a business model, as Alexander Osterwalder proves, is not just optimizing resources to maximize benefits. The canvas, like a brain, has two different parts: customer-centric and resource-centric unified by the famous value proposition.

Creating value for both the business…

Elastic: The Power of Flexible Thinking book cover

This has become one of my favorite books in the neuroscience field and I don’t usually talk about having favorite books as such. Short, engaging, and filled with cutting-edge knowledge about our brain. I bought this one by the cover (you will agree with me it’s a beautiful combination of colors…) so I can’t be more positively surprised by the learnings I obtained due to my mere gut feeling in choosing. What else can you expect for less than 10 bucks?!

‘Elastic: The Power of Flexible Thinking’ is distributed in 4 parts: confronting change, how we think, where new ideas…

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